35 Best Belated Happy Birthday Wishes for Loved Ones

Looking for belated happy birthday wishes? You have to come to the right page. With these belated wishes, you can still make your loved ones happy because they are written in such a way that they will get rid of the anger.

So, if due to any reason you were unable to wish your loved ones happy birthday then you can send them the given below belated birthday wishes to change their mood.

best belated birthday wishes

Belated Birthday Wishes for a Friend

I’m really apologetic for sending this message late but this message is here to bring joy and happiness in your life. Belated Happy birthday.

Hi, am sorry my friend I forgot your birthday, so please accept this belated birthday wish. Am hoping your birthday was incredible.

I cannot believe that I forgot your birthday. I hope you enjoyed the whole day.  Please accept this belated birthday wish.

Happy birthday my friend! I cannot believe that I forgot to come and celebrate with you this special day. Hope you enjoyed to the fullest.

As we are growing older, there are a few things we don’t remember, am really sorry for forgetting this special day. Belated happy birthday!

Happy belated birthday! It’s my fault that I forgot this special day. Know that I remember, just have a wonderful year ahead. May you get all the best happiness in the world.

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I am very sorry for forgetting your special day. Just forgive my weak memory. On this coming year, may God give you happiness and success.

Happy birthday to you, it doesn’t matter whether your day is already gone or not, you have the entire year to celebrate.

I wonder how I lost track of days. I hope you’ll understand me and the situation I was in. Happy belated days and have a good time for the coming year.

It’s true that am late but I really wanted to be with you though I was held up somewhere. I hope you understand and you have been happy all through. Belated happy birthday.

I had a lot to deal with lately and that’s why I didn’t wish you a happy birthday yesterday. Now that I am relieved, I can find time to wish you a belated happy birthday.

I am not really late to wish you a happy birthday. I just thought that a special person like you should also celebrate the next day. Have a nice day ahead.

Am really sorry for missing your birthday party, I had some family issues to deal with but now am free and I will pay you a visit. Hope you understand. I wish this year will be your year.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Love

It’s true I forgot your birthday but the most precious thing is that I didn’t forget you. The happiest year ahead!

You look the same every year and I think that’s why I forgot you are getting old. Belated happy birthday.

I know it’s late but my feelings for you can never change. Please don’t be mad that I forgot your birthday. You are the best thing that ever happened in my life. Belated Happy birthday.

Another year is a year for you to celebrate. Although I wasn’t there to celebrate with you, I want you to know that you are the best thing in life. Am really sorry for that. Have a blast this coming year.

I am late to wish you happy birthday but not late to tell you that you are special and part of my life. Belated happiest birthday my love.

Late Birthday Wishes for Sister

I am very sorry that I forgot your special day. I lost track of time but I am really grateful that you have celebrated this special day.

My dear sister, please don’t get mad of me because I forgot to wish you happy birthday. Here is the warmest wish for you. I hope you had an unbelievable birthday party with the whole family.

I know you expected me to be with you last night but I didn’t make it. I forgot this special day but the most important thing is that you are always in my mind. Have a nice time!

I hope you will forgive me for sending the last birthday wish. This year, I pray that God will grant all the wishes and answer all your prayers. Belated Happy birthday.

Even though I am late for your birthday, I want to take this moment to wish you the happiest of belated wishes. May God give you joy, happiness, and success this year?

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother

I am really sorry my brother that I forgot your birthday. I hope that you have a good time anyway. Belated happy birthday!

Belated happy birthday to the most understanding and a wonderful brother on earth. I hope that you had an awesome day.

I know I don’t have any word to excuse myself but I take this opportunity to wish you the happiest of all the years. Happy birthday my brother!

There’s no limit for when to wish someone a birthday, happy birthday and a prosperous year ahead, my sweet brother.

You are getting old now and you know what it means to be an old lizard. It’s your turn to take care of your life and make life work the way you want. Happiest of all belated wishes.

Final Thoughts!

If due to any reason you were unable to attend the birthday party of your loved ones or forgot to wish them then you can simply send them these belated happy birthday wishes to compensate for this.

Lastly, I’d like to hear from you if you liked the article or not. So, use the comment box to let me know your thoughts.

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