51+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Niece (Funny & Sweet)

Are you in search of the best birthday wishes for niece? Here is the good news, you have found the perfect page and don’t have to go anywhere.

Birthday is a very special day in one’s life and he/she wants to celebrate it to its fullest.

So, if you want to make the birthday of your niece special then here are some of the best, inspirational, and funny birthday wishes for niece that you can send to her.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Niece

Happy Birthday to my direful little niece, enjoy this other year of love, fun, and adventure.

The fun of seeing you cut your first birthday cake is stupefying. Save me a piece. Happy first birthday my little niece.

On this beautiful sunny day, I wish you a colorful happy birthday. You bring a lot of happiness to my life.

Happy birthday my loving niece, you are a symbol of love and happiness for the people around you. Have fun!

Birthday Wishes for Niece

On such a beautiful day, I wish to remind you that you are a winner, a vanquisher, and a beautiful gift for everyone on earth. Happy 18th birthday niece!

For everyone, life has its gleams of sunshine, but for you, the beauty of this day is something heavenly sent. As you turn another year older, let me wish you the best of love, happiness, and joy.

A simple smile can turn a cloudy and rainy day into a beautiful, sunny, and flowery day. Let your beautiful smiles as you turn a year older always light up the day for you. Happy birthday niece!

Turning 18 years comes with its own accountabilities. Being an adult is a blessed gift of learning from yesterday’s lives for today’s hope. On your 18th Birthday, I’m wishing you lots of astuteness and courage to endure every lure along the way.

Your birthday is here with us, a day to celebrate, savor and cherish a glorious year. As you turn a year older, know that you are growing to be a beautiful and courageous niece. Happy birthday!

Your beautiful smile is infectious. You always make me smile even when I’m facing the hardest of things. Happy Birthday. Grow to make auntie and uncle proud.

Hey beautiful, your day to exult and have fun is here. As you celebrate this beautiful day, I wanted to let you know that you are drop-dead gorgeous, let no one convince you otherwise. Happy birthday!

Wishing the most adorable niece in the world a Happy birthday. I hope this beautiful day will bring you happy moments to open and count every blessing. You deserve to have the most happiness beautiful girl. Happy Birthday!

Hello niece, the two of us are like donuts with cream cheese. We are the best combo and for such a beautiful lady, may this special day bring a lot of sweet memories. Happy birthday!

I cannot explain how it happens but you really melt my heart with your love. I hope this day will be the best reflection of a beautiful rainbow. May this year chock you with blessings?

Have the happiest of the day my sweet niece. I send the sun to shine brightly on your every single day. May you always have something to smile about? Have a happy day baby girl!

To my striking niece, have a happy day. You are the most adorable gift I got in my life. Celebrate this day with high spirits and enjoy every moment it brings. Happy birthday!

I’m full of joy and happiness now that my sweet niece is celebrating another year in good health. I want to let you know that you have brought so much love, happiness, and hope into my life. Have a spectacular day!

Don’t think of this day as getting old, think of it as a way of getting better, a chance to learn from the past, and a chance to build the current. Happiest of all birthdays niece!

You are an exemplary person that brings joy and happiness wherever you go. You have brought so much of that joy into my life. I hope this day will bring the best moments to your dairy.

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Niece

I wanted to bring you something that will remind you how old you’re getting, but everything was sold out to curve dinosaur bones. Have a happy birthday niece!

To my beautiful niece, I wanted to let you know that I often look up to you admiring your style and grooming. As you get older, the style ages with you. Happy birthday sweetheart!

A big lesson I learned while growing up is that if you have a dream, you better chase it now, growing old like you, how would you chase it now? Happy birthday!

I thought we would get enough candles to put you on fire today, unfortunately, we ran out of space. Happy birthday!

You once told me that to be happy in life, you must learn to appreciate the little things in life. At your age, spotting them now is easier said than done. Happy birthday!

 I checked the calendar today and realized it’s your birthday, when I calculated the year you were born, I almost fainted, you don’t look a day over eighty. Happy birthday!

My dear niece, a special day like today, many years ago, you were born, I know how special that is. Happy birthday!

Hello sweetheart, I’ve come to realize that you still look hot after all these years. Have the best birthday today!

Another birthday? We’re going to need support to finish that cake. Happy birthday!

As you grow older, you reduce the number of candles in your cake or at least get none. Happy birthday!

This is a special day to recognize all your qualities, including the fact that you are older than all your nieces. Happy birthday!

Don’t flatter over having another birthday, your face might be showing wrinkles but your heart is still young. Happy birthday sweetie!

Along with every single digit, your mental health continues to stagger. But don’t worry, your younger sweethearts are here with you regardless. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday sweetheart, I’m not saying you are very old, but you are not very young. Have the merriest moment.

I can’t believe how old and big you are getting. Long gone are the days I could steal candies and cakes from your plate. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to a niece that is getting more valuable and better with age. Just like wine, shine with age.

I checked and realized it’s your birthday today, tried to count back your birth year and I went hoarse. Happy birthday niece!

Happy birthday to a girl who shines with age, maybe because you are the oldest here. Have the best of the day.

If you counted your years in immortal jellyfish years, you would now be a teenager. But since you’re a human, you are old as a pyramid. Happy Birthday!

Seeing you celebrate birthdays year after year lets me believe we’ll be young forever. Happy birthday!

Just to set my record, I’m going to bring few buckets full of water before you light up the candles. Happy birthday niece!

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Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Niece

Being an adult means listening more. Try to always seek understanding before giving your opinions. Happy birthday niece!

Don’t try to achieve anything before you set an achievable goal about the same, set destinations in Life so that after arriving, you can mark it as an achievement. Happy birthday, niece!

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Niece

With every year gone, hold tighter, don’t be intimidated because you don’t have the right credentials, set your goals as an iron lady from day one high. Happy birthday baby girl!

I’m delighted that with every year we celebrate with you, I watch you grow to a super lady. Don’t let anyone get in your way of success. Stay focused on what you want to achieve. Happy birthday!

The piece of advice I would give you today is to never take yourself so seriously. There are all the opportunities for women today, and it’s now your chance to grab one.

Happy birthday sweetie, as you grow a year older, learn to celebrate all the successes regardless of how small it is, always understand that a win is a win. Have the best of this special day.

My beautiful niece is the most amazing gift that God gave to us, a beautiful girl, a treasure, and a hard worker. Wishing you the best of this day. May the coming year chock you with blessings.

Happiest of all birthdays to my lovely niece. The word of advice for this beautiful day is to always listen to your heart, set achievable goals. May you grow to be as big as your goals?

This beautiful day is specially meant for you, have the best of it. I wish you a birthday full of blessings and overflowing with happiness.

You are now turning a milestone, you are a year wiser, a year older, a year sharper. May you have a day full of joy and happiness? Happy birthday!

My dear niece, you will be good in one thing and weak in another. Always find aspects that you are good at and extract an opportunity from any of them. Happy birthday!

Now that you are celebrating another year older, learn to be willing to always try something new at least once. Never get stuck with what you are not willing to try. Happy birthday!

This birthday marks the end of a year and a new page of a new chapter in life. I want to take this opportunity to remind you how useful the year that has just begun is in your life. Happy birthday!

Congratulations on another year added to your episode. Always take time to know yourself, to understand your strengths and weaknesses. After knowing who you are, you will know how to dream. Happiest of all birthdays niece!

I took the opportunity to tell you that a narrow focus brings you big results. I want to let you understand that you have a very special place in my heart. Happy birthday!

Look at the stars, they are shining brighter today than all the other days. It’s probably because it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday!

As I have already mentioned birthday is a very special day of a person’s life and you can make that even more special by wishing, by gift or by arranging a party. If you want to wish your niece through wishes then use some of the best above-mentioned birthday wishes for niece and send them to her.

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