31+ Best Funny Birthday Wishes for Dad (Son & Daughter) (2024)

Looking for funny birthday wishes for dad? I am happy that your search has finally come to an end.

In this article, I have written for you some of the best funny birthday wishes for dad that you can send to him.

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Dad

My dad’s so old, he remembers when the internet was just a baby. Happy birthday, Dad!

If my dad saw his age printed on a card, he’d lose his mind. But when I say it, he always replies with a smile. Happiest birthday to my one and only dad.

You may be old, but you’re not ancient. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad

My dad is as old as the mountains, as wise as the sea, and as tough as the Mountain Men. Happy birthday, Dad!

Dad, you’re so old you thought dinosaurs were just big lizards. Happy birthday, Dad!

I have no idea what my dad is thinking, but I know it’s not rocket science. Happy birthday!

My dad has been there for everything from the first time I sneezed to my first drink. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad, you say the most amazing things in the nicest way… what a gentle spirit you have. Happy Birthday, Dad!

I love my dad because he is so gentle and kind. And it’s not just me who thinks that way – it’s the whole city! Happy Birthday!

You’re the best father in the world, and I want you to know that I love all your quirks. Happy Birthday, Dad!

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Dad from Daughter

Happy birthday! You’re old which means you’re probably not very fun anymore but I love you anyway.

It’s your birthday, which means that for one day a year, somebody may actually have to listen to what you say instead of just rolling their eyes and pretending they don’t exist! Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to an awesome dad that is cool, and kind, and gives the best hugs. Have a great day!

funny birthday wishes for dad from daughter

Dad! Happy birthday! You’re older and wiser now. So, I hope you’ll start to listen to me. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful day full of presents.

How are you doing today? I bet you’re as old as God himself and constantly nagging me about my homework. Hope your Birthday is a good one!

The greatest gift you ever gave me was your love. Thank you for every birthday you have ever given to me. I love you, Daddy!

Happy birthday, Dad! You’re looking younger by the year so enjoy your day. I hope this is the best one yet!

Happy Birthday to the best dad in the world. I love you so much that I may actually cry, so thanks for everything!

I know it’s not often that you have time for us and for the life we’ve had together, my heart is full. Happy Birthday to my Daddy!

We’ve had some dramatic moments in the past, but no matter what happens we always come out on top. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Dad from Son

Please don’t tell mom, but in my car, one of the buttons says ‘Happy Birthday Dad’ on it and I laugh every time I see it.

Thanks for being understanding when I tell you that you look younger than me even though you’re my dad. Happy Birthday, Dad!

I could watch you make a burger all day. You’re not only my dad, but you’re also my hero. Happy Birthday!

funny birthday wishes for dad from son

Okay, Dad, you’ve told me you’re good with a chainsaw and that your favorite sport is hockey but what else can you tell me about yourself? Happy Birthday, Dad!

I may not have told you this before but I think you’re a pretty swell guy. Happy Birthday, Dad!

I really admire your persistence in trying to teach me how to drive even though I wasn’t interested. Thanks for never giving up on me. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Sometimes I just sit and think about what life would have been like without you in it. Then I drink a glass of water and thank my lucky stars that you are my dad. Happy Birthday!

I know I never told you this before, but I’m glad we have so many pictures together because when we look at them later in life, I can tell my grandkids that their grandpa was pretty handsome. Happy Birthday, Dad!

I will always remember how patient you were, sitting there teaching me how to use the mouse on the computer. Now I can comfortably sit here and draft a funny joke with a computer. Happy birthday, Dad!

I hope after reading this article you have found some of the best funny birthday wishes for dad that you can send to him.


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