25+ Best Funny Old Lady Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes (2024)

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In this article, I have written for you some of the best funny old lady birthday wishes that you can send to her.

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Funny Old Lady Birthday Wishes Messages

Happy birthday, dear! Many years ago, you said I was like a son to you but now I feel like a grandson.

Happy birthday old lady! It is amazing how much happier we all get at your age when it is actually someone else’s birthday.

Not many people can say that they were born in the 1900s, you are such a special person. I hope that today is one of the happiest days of your life. Happy birthday!

happy birthday old lady funny

We still think you look good for a woman who has crossed two digits, to be honest, we could not tell so much difference between a 90 and 100 years old lady. Happy birthday!

You may be elderly, but age never stops you from being beautiful. May this coming year bring you everything that you have always loved. Have the happiest of birthdays!

Still the same old lady, just with a different number. The upside of aging is that people begin to see how awesome it is to be ageless. Happy birthday!

Hey little lady! Your 100th birthday has arrived and we are celebrating big time! Have an awesome day and many more to come!

You should be proud of yourself for having lived so long. What are your secrets? Perhaps you could share them with us. Happy birthday, dear!

Thank you for being alive and all the best on your birthday! I hope one day I reach the age where my heart content is not determined by how much chocolate cake I can eat without throwing up.

On second thought, now I am feeling somewhat guilty for hurrying up the aging process. Happy birthday!

Your 100th birthday is a big milestone in life. You are living proof that you can live through more than one decade and still be able to keep your humor intact. Here is to another 100-year-old lady!

Happy Birthday Old Lady Funny

We will love you any age, but today we are celebrating your 100th birthday so have some extra cake!

We know there are no candles for this one, so here is an explosive firework instead! Make a wish and blow!

Still alive? I am surprised. Will you share the secret of such a long life? Anyway, happy birthday.

Funny Old Lady Happy Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday old lady! Oh, you can see it already. I was going to tell everyone who is here, including those thousands of people watching from the other side of the world via the internet. Have a great day!

Your birthday is a good occasion to celebrate because it shows that you have been living life happily and relaxingly without much stress. That is why we all love birthdays so much.

What would be better to celebrate this day than feeding our body with cakes, bread, chocolate, or whatever else our heart desires, as well as seeing the same smiling faces around us. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday old lady! Thanks for being nearer than my family right now. You are older than I am but you are more beautiful than any other woman I have ever seen in my life!

You’re the only person I know who can wear a purple hat and not look what you really are, which is a very discerning grape.

Happy birthday to my grandmother who is still listening to Dr. Kevorkian rather than Miss Cleo.

Happy Birthday Old Woman Funny

Remember the time when we had to carry you up the stairs? Well, now we have to carry you down.

The good news is that you’re not having a birthday. The bad news is that I’m taking your present.

Here’s to another year of being wise, wonderful, and wacky! Wishing you a birthday that is as sweet as your old age!

May all your wishes come true — although at this age, you probably don’t have many left!

Hang on tight to your birthday wishes, I hear they get weaker with age! Happy Birthday!

Congrats on the one day a year when you’re allowed to act even more crazy than usual. Wishing you a lifetime of joy and many more birthdays to come!

Here’s to an amazing year ahead — full of adventure, surprises, and plenty of mischief! Happy Birthday!

I hope after reading this article you have found some of the best funny old lady birthday wishes that you can send on her special day.


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