25+ Best Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Looking for funny wedding anniversary wishes for husband? I am glad that you have found this article.

In this article, you will read about some of the best and funny wedding anniversary wishes for husband that you can send to him and wish him a happy anniversary.

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Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Marriage is the name of sacrifice and understanding each other, and I am happy that you have learned it. Happy anniversary to my dear husband.

On this anniversary, let’s gather our memories together, even though you are losing yours. Happy anniversary to my sweet husband.

Even though you are gaining weight every year but I still love you because your love towards me is also increasing every year. Happy anniversary to my lovely husband.

I want to be with you like “copy” and “paste” even if you want “cut” and “paste”. Happiest of the anniversaries to my handsome husband.

I am sure after this much time you have finally understood who is the real boss in the house. Keep celebrating and presenting gifts.

Funny Anniversary Wishes for Husband

On this special day, I am so happy to say that finally, you have learned the skill to buy gifts but this does not mean that there is no space for improvisation. Happy anniversary!

My dear husband, I enjoy irritating you on every anniversary and hopefully, I will be having lots of such opportunities.

WishesOcean x

Congratulations my dear husband on surviving another year of struggling and misery successfully. I’ll keep giving you such wonderful opportunities. Happy anniversary!

A day of loving, A week of quarrel, A month of the war, and A year of marriage. Happy anniversary to my wonderful husband.

Marriage is like a battlefield! You always have to be prepared for the war. Happy anniversary though!

Remembering the anniversary means there is a margin of forgetting the birthday. So, happy anniversary.

If love is a beautiful dream, then marriage is definitely a nightmare. Keep celebrating this nightmare with a happy face.

We are like salt and pepper, two things that aren’t considered together but always end up together.

Just imagining my life without you gives me a relaxing sensation but at the same time gives me a feeling of a boring life. Happy anniversary!

The secret behind our successful marriage is my fear of sleeping alone. Thanks for the company.

On this anniversary, I am thinking of giving you a condolence card and my shoulder to let you cry.

Marriage is a sweet dream for singles but a nightmare for couples. On this anniversary, I wish you the best of the nightmare.

Happy anniversary! Congratulations on successfully tolerating me for one more year. Don’t be so happy, more is to come.

Congratulations on celebrating another anniversary! I will love you till the last wrinkle on your face.

Marriage is definitely the best alarm clock for all the dreams that we used to see while dating, Agree? Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary, husband! I will love you till the last penny in your pocket.

You’re still my favorite husband – even after all these years! Happy anniversary!

It’s been another year, and I still love you as much as ever. Happy anniversary!

One more year together… it doesn’t get any better than this! Happy anniversary!

You make me laugh, you make me smile, and you make me happy. Thank you for being my husband! Happy anniversary!

You’re my everything, and I love you more than anything in the world except for shopping. Happy anniversary!

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I am sure after reading this article you have found some of the best funny wedding anniversary wishes for husband that you can send.

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