31 Best Missing You Quotes for Him and Her

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best missing you quotes for him

Missing You Quotes for Him

When I say I miss you, you don’t have to waste time internalizing the words, just ask me how much. You have no idea how I am feeling about you right now.

Hi…I have had a long time surviving without you close to me. I stand out all night thinking about you. I miss you so much, my hubby.

Now that I am here thinking about you, I have realized that I am missing your sweet hugs very much. please come and hug me again.

Is there any medication I can take and at least stop missing you this much? If you know of one, then please tell me.

There are several reasons for missing someone but missing you has no reason at all. I just feel like being close to you every time.

You could be furthest from me but one thing am sure about is that you are always in my mind. I miss you so much, my hubby.

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Missing someone who has been a part of your life can be confusing and loving at the same time. I cannot explain what am feeling about you right now. Please come back to me.

The distance can be a trial for us but one thing am sure about is that you are always in my mind. I love you so much and miss you every single minute of my time.

You know, I miss every bit of you and wants to be with you every single minute. I see your gentle hands and that handsome glow on you and I get lost in your love.

Regardless of the distance, my heart is connected to you and I am always looking forward to being close to you. Please come to me.

You know, since you went far from me you left a hole in my heart that I cannot explain. Please come to me, am missing you so much.

If I don’t hear from you for a full day, I get lost in confusion. It feels like I haven’t talked for you in a year. Missing you so much. Come to me, my man.

Do you think an eagle would feel good without its wings? Do you think am feeling any better without you close to me? Come home my man am madly waiting for you.

Every single day you get away from me, I feel as if am missing everything in my life. I want you close to me every single day.

best missing you quotes for her

Missing You Quotes for Her

French people don’t say am missing you, they say you are missing from me which is exactly what am feeling right now.

Missing someone who has been a part of you, warming your bed and cooking the best meals for you can be the worst experience to ever have. I miss you so much cutie.

From the time you went away from me, I kept myself busy to bur my mind from thinking about you but that is no more possible. Am missing you every bit of my life. Please come back to me.

I don’t want to go for another month with my heart so harrow. I want to see you close to me every bit of my life. Welcome home, honey.

Knowing that you are on the battlefield and my heart in war with my conscious pains my nerves. Please come and calm this unrest.

It gets tricky to live with someone for half a life and then they get away from you for a year, it makes me feel lonely. I miss you, my love.

How much can you miss someone? How much do you miss me over there? I am dying to see you soon my love. Please come home.

I have looked for all means to keep myself busy and not think about you but every time I pause, it gets worse. I am missing you so much, honey.

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Starting a family with someone and living together with them for some time really connects the bonds. Now that am far from home, I will hug the phone every time we are talking and your good night message. Am missing you people so much.

Someone asked me if I missed my wife and I didn’t answer because no words can really explain what am feeling in my heart.

For someone to feel loved and to feel happy there should be someone there every time to remind them of all the good things in life. In my life, you have been that character that reminds me of why I should be in love with you. Missing you so much.

Waking up every morning with an empty bed makes me feel lonely, calling you and saying how much I miss you makes me feel like coming soon to see you. Have a nice day love.

I miss you, not a joke or for the sake of it, it’s for the love that I feel now and all the good things I think about.

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