51+ Happy 18th Birthday Wishes for Cousin (Funny & Sweet)

Looking for the 18th birthday wishes for cousin? You are lucky that you have found my article.

In this article, I have written for you some of the best 18th birthday wishes for cousin that you can send and wish him/her happy birthday.

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Happy 18th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

I am so excited to wish you a happy birthday because now you are officially an adult. Happy 18th birthday dear cousin.

May all your dreams and wishes come true as you age. Happy 18th birthday and don’t forget me in your celebrations.

Happy birthday to the best cousin in the world. May you live long and keep celebrating birthdays.

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

I am such a blessed person that you are cousins. You are always there for me and it is your sincerity that attracts me. A very happy 18th birthday. May you keep spreading the smiles.

Whenever I see your lively and smiley face I forget all my worries. Thanks for always being with me during my ups and downs. Congrats, on officially entering adult life.

Happy birthday to the most caring, loving, and jolly cousin. Keep spreading happiness.

My well-wishes are always there for you. May you keep growing and celebrating. Happy 18th birthday dear cousin.

First of all, happy 18th birthday to the dearest cousin. Secondly, tell me how it feels to become an adult and an independent guy.

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18th Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother

Life is as you take it, my little cousin brother. You have a chance to make it better for yourself. Happy 18th Birthday!

My little cousin brother is the most considerate man in my life. I wish you all the laughter, happiness, and good health as you turn 18 years.

Given all we have been through together, you are not just a cousin brother, you are a real brother to me. Happy 18th Birthday!

As you turn 18 years now, I’ll always be there to help you grow into the man you wish to be. Happy birthday!

On this 18th birthday celebration, I want to give my cousin brother the mantra of living life which is ‘’live as you want’’. Happy 18th birthday!

Always remember that you have your destiny in your hands. Whenever you need it, you can always get it. Happy 18th birthday!

My dear cousin, you remind me of the enchanting childhood we had together. I love and wish you the best happy 18th birthday.

My cousin brother, remember we share a strong bond between us, whenever you need me, I’ll be readily available to help you. Happy 18th birthday!

On such a special occasion, I take this opportunity to wish you the greatest success in life. Happy birthday dear cousin!

Let me congratulate my dearest cousin brother as he turns 18 years. Wishing you all the best in your life. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to this strong boy we grew together with. I thank God for giving me such an awesome cousin brother. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday from the depth of my heart to this handsome soul as he turns 18 years.

You are a great friend that I’ll look up to whenever I need any kind of help. Happy birthday as you celebrate your passage to adulthood.

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18th Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Yes, we are cousins but I’m glad that I know you as a person that is really cool to be a great sister. Celebrate your 18th birthday to the fullest.

As you turn 18 years today, may you have a phenomenal day? You’re my favorite cousin’s sister.

As we were growing, we have shared some amazing moments together which is why you will always remain close to my heart. Happiest 18th Birthday celebration.

Having a pretty and beautiful cousin sister is a blessing I usually count twice. I wish you a life full of happiness and good health as you turn 18 years.

To my favorite cousin sister, may you have the best day in your life today as you celebrate initiation to adulthood? Happy Birthday!

Blessed is the day this little angel came to this world. Happy 18th birthday my little cousin sister.

Having a good and wonderful cousin like this one is the best gift you can receive in your life. Thank you for being a sister I can always look up to. Happiest 18th birthday celebration today.

Your presence in my life is a great source of happiness and fulfillment. I wish to see us grow old together as best friends. Happy 18th Birthday!

Today is not just an ordinary day, It’s a day a beautiful cousin’s sister was born, the day we celebrate with a lot of laughter and fun. Happy 18th birthday!

As you celebrate your 18th birthday, I wish to tell you that my heart will always be a little empty because you have already taken a small chunk of it. Happy birthday, cousin sister.

We might be cousins but the bond we share is stronger than what sisters share. Best birthday adult girl, have fun, it’s your day.

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Funny 18th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

This is a great day for your 18th birthday. It’s the only day you are supposed to taste wines and smile without offending your parents. Happy Birthday!

Did you know, People who live longer have more birthdays? Now you know, live to blow a million candles.

As your youngest cousin, I take this opportunity to remind you that you are still older than me. Happy Birthday!

Happy 18th birthday, remember we used to think people over 18 years have organized and better lives? See for yourself now.

At least you are celebrating your 18th birthday and you are not as old as you will be next year. Happy Birthday!

Don’t worry about the soft beards that have started to show, life will harden them. Happiest 18th birthday!

As your oldest cousin brother, I remind you to always remember to save for your retirement. You’re growing old. Happy Birthday!

As you turn a year older and graduate to an adult, always count your blessings, not your years. Happy Birthday!

My dear cousin sister, don’t mind me, but ask everyone, calling you young from this day would be a great mistake. Happy 18th birthday!

Congratulations my cousin brother, you are now just 32 years away from turning 50. Happy 18th birthday!

Happiest 18th birthday baby girl. Do I have to remind you that you are now an adult?

The funniest thing about you right now is that you are old, but your humor remains the same. Happy 18th birthday!

Our wives always say we get better with age, but I don’t believe it’s true, I mean just look at you.

The 18th birthday means that it’s time to start behaving like an adult. Happy 18th birthday!

Finally, you are an adult, leave some wine for me. Happy 18th birthday and enjoy to the fullest.

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I am sure you have liked these 18th birthday wishes for cousin. Now send to your cousin and wish him/her a happy birthday. Lastly, don’t forget to share the article.

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