45 Goodnight Text Messages for Him (Funny, Romantic & Flirty)

Goodnight text messages for him: Have you searched this or similar keyphrase and found this page? You are landed absolutely in a perfect place.

Here I have for you some of the best, funny and sweet goodnight messages for him which you can pick and send to your boyfriend, love or even husband.

Goodnight Messages for Him

Goodnight Messages for Him

I am hoping this night shall be sweat and full of sweet dreams. I love you so much. Goodnight!

Hi handsome, I tried to sleep without wishing you a good night but my heart and mind would never find peace. So, have a good night.

Have a night full of dreams and smiley thoughts. Dreams make your memory magical and unite fantasy with reality. I am wishing you have the best of all dreams tonight.

It’s time to get to bed, wash your face and feet and get to sleep. I am sure your eyes are very weak and the mouth cannot speak. Goodnight!

I am about to fall asleep and was thinking of how handsome and caring you are. Have a good night love.

I am carried away by sleep and don’t know what to say before I sleep. Though, am sure I love you and you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Goodnight and have sweet dreams.

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This night is cool and silent, a perfect night to dream of someone special like me. Have a good night my love and dream big. I love you.

As you fall asleep this special night, remember you are my treasure and you will be in my mind forever. Goodnight love!

Hi handsome, it’s already night and the sun has gone to rest which gives you a perfect opportunity to rest too. Goodnight!

Hi sweetheart, the stars have now taken over the beautiful sky. Get out and make a wish before you sleep. Goodnight handsome.

I wish I had an opportunity to be close to you every single night. I would take up the night and sing goodnight songs the entire night. Goodnight!

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Am hating the distance, I have to close my eyes to see you, I have to get out in the cold evenings to talk to you because I love you. Although the distance is long, the one between my heart and yours is slight. Goodnight handsome.

I cannot find peace and get sleep before I wish you a good night. Goodnight and have a nice time.

Goodnight my love. You are the only person who is allowed to feature in my dreams every night.

Do you know that you are the one that I see every time I dream of someone special in my life? I thought you should know. Goodnight!

Romantic Goodnight Text Messages for Him

Romantic Goodnight Quotes for Him

We cannot blame the night for the distance but we can brighten this special night with our dreams. I adore your kisses and hugs in dreams. Have a good night sweetheart.

I hate taking my phone to send you a good night message because am used to whispering that to your ears before I kiss you a good night. I love you so much, hubby. Goodnight

There’s a lot I wanted us to discuss before bedtime, I wanted to hold you and share my feelings, talk about my emotions and hug you confirming how much I love you. Now words cannot describe what I feel or show what my heart is made off. Though, I love you so much. Have a good night. Countless kisses.

I dream about you every single day. The most discouraging thing is that I cannot touch you in my dreams or even kiss your warm lips. I just have to sit down and admire you. Have a good night my sweetheart.

I would never get tired of waiting for you. I would have crossed the Sahara desert without any water just for you. You are my perfect match. I love you so much and have a good night.

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I will sing about my feelings and talk about my emotions a thousand times to you simply because I trust you with my heart. Goodnight my lovely husband.

If only I could come to you and give you a goodnight kiss. If only being near you to hug you cloth-less and feel that warmth from your chest. I would never let you go. Goodnight and have a nice time.

Goodnight my prince charming. I love you so much and nothing can really cut the bonds.

Goodnight to the most loving hubby on earth. I miss your ‘’love you’’ songs and those sensational touches. Just want to say that I love you and have a nice time.

I am taking this opportunity to send someone I love a thousand kisses on air. I love you and wish you are here with me now. Goodnight my love.

The night is here but you are not here with me. It’s peaceful, calm and cool which is making me need you more. I love you and have a good night.

Flirty Goodnight Texts for Him

Flirty Goodnight Texts for Him

Hi handsome, I know it’s very difficult to fall asleep without talking to me…so talk and say something. Aha, have a good night.

We talk but no other conversation moves me than the one we have before we sleep. Have a good night and sweet dreams.

I had a hectic day and now it’s over. I didn’t have enough time to talk to someone special like I usually do but at least let me spare some time and write you a good night wish and let you know am missing to hear from you. Goodnight!

I wish am falling asleep today close to someone I am connected emotionally too, someone like you. Have a good night.

I am wishing I had enough time with you earlier today. I wanted to talk about my emotions and feelings to someone that can understand me, someone like you handsome. Have a good night.

I miss the way everything feels next to you. I just miss the whole of you. Have a good night.

I usually have many dreams, some complete and others incomplete but the funny thing is I see you somewhere in the picture. Have a good night love.

I miss you all day long but at the end of the day, I expect something sweet from you. Today didn’t hear you say anything but I hope you had a great day and wishing you a good night.

Every time I come home exhausted and feeling tired, One thing that crosses my mind is that I have to sit down, configure myself and write a nice goodnight wish to someone special. Have a good night.

I want to know my perfect date. I don’t think am expecting a lot from them, just love and some hot touches. Have a good night and have a nice time.

Even after spending the better part of my day without seeing you, I am still wishing I could see you for a single second. I love you and have a good night.

Even those weekends that I have to spend the entire days with you, I cannot get enough of you. I want you by me every single second of my life. Have a good night.

Funny Goodnight Texts for Him

Funny Goodnight Texts for Him

Do you have bedbugs in your house? If yes, press one, we will suffer the same issue the whole night. Have a good night handsome!

I know my mattress is dull and angry with me because am not joining it in bed. Have a sound sleep, my dearest hubby.

Hi handsome, the night is made for rest, not text. Though am breaking the rule to just send you a goodnight message before I throw my cell phone away. Goodnight!

Make sure you have tightly held your phone because this message is huge and heavy. The first half weight is ‘’I love you’’ and the other half is ‘’Have a good night’’.

If time doesn’t wait for you, at least I will wait for you. Goodnight and sleep well!

Don’t waste a lot of your time thinking about your past because the future has no floor. There’s no reason you should be thinking about the future because it’s uncertain. Spare that time to kill mosquitos and bedbugs. Have a good night.

Do you know there’s no difference between horror and a beautiful night? If you can be scared of your dreams, then you are having a beautiful night. Goodnight!

Hi customer, welcome to the Dreamland airlines. We will just take few minutes to arrive into dreamland so fasten your blankets, close your eyes and stay put to dream. Goodnight!

Hi love, it’s time to get to bed and take some rest. Remember not to take rest from the rest. Just give your body some time to rest but your heart shouldn’t take a rest from me. Goodnight!

Hi sir, yes, you, the handsome one, how are you tonight? Hi reply, are you asleep? No? Then get back to bed and give your ass some time to rest. Goodnight!

I just fell from the bed trying to reach my phone and text you a good night. Goodnight and have the tightest of all sleep.

Oops! I just knocked my nose with the phone as I text you a good night. Have a good night but you will pay for this.

I am sure that have liked these goodnight messages for him. Just send them to your love and make him realize the feelings and love you have for him.

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