121 Best Happy Ramadan Wishes 2022 & Greetings in English

Ramadan Wishes: Ramadan Kareem is one of the most awaited Islamic festivals. This is an almost 30 days (sometimes 29 days) festival when Muslims do fasting.

In this article, I have written for you some of the best happy Ramadan wishes, Ramadan greetings, and messages in English that you can send to your loved ones.

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Happy Ramadan Wishes

I wish you and your family, Ramadan Mubarak. May Allah gives us the strength to fulfill the needs of this month.

May Allah bring countless moments of happiness and joy to your life. Happy Ramadan!

On this holy month (Ramadan), I’m wishing you and your family 4 weeks of blessings, 30 days of clemency, and 720 hours of enlightenment. Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Wishes

Whenever you feel alone and sad, remember that God is with you. He will never leave you alone and always guide you. Ramadan Mubarak!

God has once again brought Ramadan into our lives and we must take this opportunity to do lots of ASTAGHFAR. May God forgive us for all our sins!

Always remember me and my family in your prayers. God Bless you all and have tons of wishes for Ramadan from me and my family.

O Allah forgive us for all our sins and take us in your blessings and happiness. We are very weak, give us the strength to fight against sins.


I wish you and your family be protected and blessed by Allah Almighty. He is the only savior. Ramadan Kareem Mubarak!

May Allah fills our heart with courage and makes our way closer to victory. May Allah be always with us!

I wish you and your family to be able to do good deeds this Ramadan. O Allah forgive us for all our sins and add us to your special ones.

As we celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, I wish that happiness and joy find you and fill your house. Ramadan Mubarak!

Happy Ramadan Wishes

May Allah give us the strength to start this Ramadan in a positive way. Happy Ramadan Kareem!

Do Promise that this Ramadan we will try to get rid of all our bad habits. O Allah forgive us for all our previous sins.

I wish you and your family countless blessings of Allah Almighty this Ramadan. Happy Ramadan Kareem!

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Ramadan Wishes for Friends

During the month of Ramadan, praying in front of Allah gives us the right direction and can save us from the dark side of bad deeds.

Allah is a great forgiver and He forgives the sins of anyone who accepts his sins on time. During the month of Ramadan if we pray from a true heart our voice is listened to by Allah.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that a person who gives iftar to another fasting person shall earn reward the same as the fasting man.

Ramadan Wishes for Friends

Think every day is Ramadan and keep calm, concentrate on the name of Allah, who is beyond our thoughts. Ramadan Mubarak!

According to the Quran, on the day of judgment, every sin done in life will be counted and Ramadan is the opportunity to seek forgiveness from Allah. I wish you a Happy Ramadan!

Persons who are true Muslims never forget Allah until their death because they know that death is the truth. Ramadan Mubarak!

In the month of Ramadan try to be very close to the name of Allah, and you will feel like you are in heaven and the devil is running away from you.

In front of Allah, every human being is equal, it is a selfish activity for a true Muslim to discriminate among the human race.

Allah’s name should exist in our hearts and every beat must say Allah you are great. Ramadan is the best time to destroy all bad habits. Happy Ramadan Kareem!

During Ramadan always look for the name of Allah in every place. Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan is the perfect time to learn and practice the teachings of the Quran. Quran is the only solution to being religious and staying close to Allah.

Allah notices everyone’s deeds, so be careful to have good deeds and be benevolent to everyone.

Ramadan is the time to prove How much you love the name of Allah and His messengers.

Don’t ever feel to be alone because Allah presents with everyone. Ramadan Mubarak!

Every true Muslim is a true human being. Always keep this in mind and do good deeds. Ramadan Mubarak!

It is the responsibility of a true Muslim to help poor people. May Allah gives us the strength to help others.

Never forget Allah. Ramadan is just a practice month. Happy Ramadan!

Ramadan Mubarak Wishes for friends

Allah will be always with you if you work hard and sincerely. Tons of Ramadan Wishes to you and your family.

Never be jealous try to spread love and affection among each other. I wish you a happy Ramadan.

All theories are zero in front of the great power of Allah. Ramadan Mubarak!

The month of Ramadan is a solution to make the soul sacred. Happy Ramadan and remember me in your prayers.

Five times Namaaz gives you the true spirit to connect with Allah Almighty. Ramadan Mubarak!

Allah’s spiritual energy exists in everyone if used reformation can take place in our lives.

Allah roots out all miseries of people suffering from diseases. Have a blessed Ramadan!

This universe is Allah’s home, if live together peace can be maintained. Ramadan Mubarak!

Try to be happy with whatever Allah has given us and always be thankful to Him. Happy Ramadan!

Heaven will be opened only for those, who have done good deeds in their lives.

Be a good human beings and help each other. This is what Allah wants from us. Ramadan Mubarak!

Helping others could bless you and that one blessing could become the cause of heaven. Happy Ramadan!

Ramadan Kareem Wishes for Family

May this Ramadan bring health, wealth, and happiness to your life. Ramadan Mubarak!

May you receive many blessings and rewards this Ramadan. Happy Ramadan!

May Allah bring lots of happiness and blessings to your lives. Happy Ramadan Kareem!

Wishing you all the rewards of this holy month. Always remember me and my family in your prayers.

May the moon brighten your journey towards enlightenment and may Allah bless you with all the good things. Happy Ramadan!

happy Ramadan greetings

Have a great Ramadan and may you receive all the Good blessings of Allah, this holy month.

This month, I wish you 30 days of wellness to your health and to your loved ones as well. Happy Ramadan!

May Allah help and guide you through your whole life. This Ramadan, I wish that you will be filled with enlightenment and well-being.

Love each other because we all are Allah’s creation. Ramadan Mubarak!

Allah’s power can’t be imagined, with the power He can shake the earth. Do lots of Astaghfar in Ramadan.

Ramadan Wishes for Husband

The best salutations come from Allah almighty, who has blessed us with the opportunity to reach out to Him this Ramadan. Happy Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak to my husband! insha’Allah you will be forgiven for your sins during this month and achieve piety.

May Allah make your Ramadan a blissful one. May He bless you with forgiveness that is multiplied tenfold in Paradise? Happy Ramadhan to my soul mate.

To my husband, may you find your way to Ramadan filled with blessings that are multiplied in Paradise? May Allah forgive all your sins and cover you with His Mercy.

ramadan wishes for husband

The most wonderful salutations come from Allah ِAlmighty who has blessed us with this opportunity to reach out to Him this Ramadan. Happy Ramadhan!

Wishing you a blessed Ramadan, my love. May Allah forgive all your sins and fill your heart with His blessings this Ramadan.

Happy Ramadhan, dear husband! Make the most of this opportunity to grow closer to Allah almighty.

Let us make the most of this opportunity to grow closer to Allah ِAlmighty, my love. May Allah forgive all your sins and fill your heart with His blessings this Ramadan.

Happy Ramadan Mubarak to my guardian angel! May Allah accept our good deeds during this month and reward us in accordance with the best of what He has given us.

Ramadan Wishes for Wife

May this Ramadan bring peace, happiness, and love to your life. Eid Mubarak to my wife!

May you find peace, comfort, and joy in all that you do during this blessed month of Ramadan. Happy Ramadan!

To my wife, May the spirit of this Holy Month touch your heart with warmth and fill your soul with light. Ramadan Mubarak!

During these blessed days of Ramadan, I pray for your health, happiness, and success. Ramadan Mubarak to my wife!

ramadan wishes for wife

To my loving queen, May this Ramadan bring love, laughter, and good luck in your life. Ramadan Kareem Mubarak!

“Ramadan Mubarak” for making me happy all year through. Have a lovely day on the Holy Day of ‘Ramadan!’

I wish that the spirit of Ramadan fills your life with happiness, peace, and love. Ramadan Mubarak my queen!

I wish you all the wisdom, patience, and grace to get through this month of fasting. Ramadan Mubarak my dear wife!

May Allah shower His choicest blessings on you today and always? Ramadan Kareem!

May the Divine blessings of Allah fill your heart with peace, joy, and prosperity throughout this blessed month? Ramadan Mubarak my dearest!

To my wife who is as beautiful as the moon and as radiant as the sun. Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Wishes for Girlfriend

Pray to Allah to guide me and remind me of patience and strength, and for this to be the last Ramadan we will be missing each other.

May Allah bless your wishes for Ramadan and help you to do good this Ramadan.

Ramadan is an exemplary month and Allah tests people and reminds them of Him and brings people together. I’m grateful for this opportunity. Happy Ramadan!

ramadan wishes for girlfriend

I’m grateful because Allah reminds us of who we are and what we are doing. And I hope you are grateful too. Ramadan Mubarak!

May you have a blessed Ramadan and enjoy the delicious food that comes with it.

Ramadan Wishes for Boyfriend

May you accept Allah as your Lord and the Quran as your guidance. Happy Ramadan!

Ramadan Mubarak! May you have a blessed Ramadan and enjoy the long nights of prayers.

May you have a blessed Ramadan where you feel grateful for the loved ones that are still in your life.

May you have a blessed Ramadan and know that Allah is the one that is always with you, no matter what.

Ramadan Kareem Mubarak! May this Ramadan bring you peace and guidance through Allah.

Happy Ramadan! May you have a blessed Ramadan, know that Allah is always there to help you.

Ramadan Wishes for Employees

Ramadan Mubarak! Enjoy this time of peace and reflection with your family, friends, and colleagues.

May this holy month fill your life with rich devotion, so that you may be more mindful, open-hearted, and loving.

May Allah blesses us with more patience, forgiveness, and love to share with one another.

Ramadan Mubarak! May this Ramadan bring you the light of guidance, knowledge, and sincerity.

May this blessed month of Ramadan find you more patient, forgiving, and generous.

May you focus on more positive goals and endeavors, and not allow this month to pass by without significance.

Ramadan Mubarak! May this time of quiet reflection help you to rediscover your inner strength and potential.

Happy Ramadan! May this time of contemplation and fasting give you the sense of urgency needed to pursue the life you want.

Ramadan Mubarak! May this time of fasting and prayers give you the strength to face the challenges that come your way.

Ramadan Wishes for Boss

May the seeds of hunger that you sow each night be transformed into the flowers of knowledge. Happy Ramadan!

May your ultimate goal be only to get the pleasure of Allah Almighty. Ramadan Mubarak!

Happy Ramadan Kareem! May you have the blessings of Allah so abundantly that you are able to share them.

Be good to your surroundings and loved ones, and may they be good to you as well. Happy Ramadan!

Happy Ramadan Greetings

Throughout this month, may Allah bless you with resilience and strength. Ramadan Mubarak!

May this Ramadan bring all the joy and happiness into your life that you have wished for.

May the spirit of Ramadan fill you and illuminate your heart! Happy Ramadan Kareem!

I wish you to have an amazing four weeks of enlightenment. Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Greetings

As the month of Ramadan begins, talk and be respectful, and receive 10-fold the number of blessings.

I wish that this Ramadan brings you prosperity and wealth. Ramadan Mubarak!

May this holy month relieve you of all misery and grief and only bring you good things. Happy Ramadan!

As you open your door, I hope you will see happiness all of this month, happy Ramadan!

Allah’s blessings will always be with us, but this month rejoice and appreciate them. Happy Ramadan!

On this holy month of Ramadan, I wish you the best of luck and true Ramadan wishes.

Happy Ramadan Kareem

May this Ramadan accept my wishes of joy to you. happy Ramadan Kareem!

May nothing harm you this Ramadan, as Allah is with us! Happy Ramadan!

I wish that you experience only good things this month and that you are showered with gifts from Allah, Happy Ramadan!

Happy Fasting Greetings

I’m guessing that four weeks of fasting and prayers were hard enough and you’re not going to let the fifth and final week be any easier on you?

It’s the last day of Ramadan, but don’t forget to make time for God while you’re out there celebrating with friends and family.

It’s pretty important to fill yourself up with Ramadan memories before the month is over. Ramadan Mubarak!

Happy Ramadan! Ramadan is a wonderful month of giving and receiving.

Ramadan is a time for reflection, charity, and intense spiritual discipline. Ramadan Mubarak!

I wish you a Ramadan full of life and new beginnings. Happy Ramadan!

Thank You for Ramadan Wishes

I highly appreciate your beautiful blessing words. May you and your family also be able to get the true blessings from Allah Almighty.

Thank you for sending me these beautiful wishes. God bless you and may this holy month bring tons of happiness to your life.

Your beautiful message has made my day and I thank you for sending me these amazing blessing words.

The Ramadan wish that I got from you has boosted me a lot spiritually and I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart.

Dear, I highly appreciate you taking some time to send me these beautiful messages. May you and your family be able to reap the benefits of this beautiful month.

Ramadan Kareem Quotes

A hollow man cannot enter paradise.

Prophet Muhammad

The really happy people are those who are aiming for heaven and will get there.

C.S. Lewis

The purpose of fasting is not to empty the stomach; it’s to empty the soul.

Nelson Mandela

You’re not just strong on the outside. You’re strong on the inside too.

John Mayer

The prayer of the hungry person is the most pleasing of all.

Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi

The destined hour of my meeting is near- at the most seven years.

Prophet Muhammad

Patience is a vessel of our soul, which must not be emptied.

Denis Waitley

We cannot for a moment think that tolerance implies acceptance of the evils that go with the opposite position.

Martin Luther

Patience is the whole of the Torah.


I hope you have liked my collection of best Ramadan Wishes, and Ramadan Greetings and Messages. Share them with your friends and family members. I wish all of you a happy Ramadan.

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